September Beekeeping Tips!

September is a vital month in the beekeepers year. This is the season for prepping your hives for the oncoming winter. Fall flowers should be providing some much needed nectar. You should also begin to see pollen coming in. I can't stress enough how important this month is. The way you treat your hive in September will determine how is fares during the winter.

Please remember that beekeeping is entirely regional. However, beekeeping management is similar during the different seasons of the year regardless of location. This months tips are for the beekeepers who are experiencing temperatures up to 100º Fahrenheit during the day and 60º-70º during the night. For Texas this is September, for other states this could be July. An overview of a seasonal beekeepers year can be found here.

Now for some Tips!!

1. Combine hives that have less than 4 frames of bees. Weak hives can be combined with strong hives. Examine hives carefully in September. Failing queens should have been replaced last month, however, if you are able to fins a supplier they can be replaced now. If you are unable to find a supplier for queens this late in the season, it is best to combine it with another hive.