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Bees for Agricultural Tax Exemption in Texas

Did you know that you can get an "Ag Exemption" in Texas by putting honey bees on your land!

Bees For Ag Exemption

We supply bees fo Ag Exemption all around the Dallas and the North Texas area!

Image by HiveBoxx
Image by HiveBoxx

Save Thousands on Taxes!

If you own 5-20 qualifying acres then you have an option to keep bees and you may apply for a special "Open Space" land valuation for raising honey bees on your property and save thousands on your property taxes each year! 

Image by Heather McKean


  • Bees take up very little room on the property!

  • Pollination for Gardens and trees

  • Save money on taxes! 

  • Simpler agricultural usage – bees don’t require fences, expensive equipment, or your constant monitoring/care. 

  • Stress FREE! We maintain the hives and if any die we replace them. Beekeepers lose roughly 45%n of their hives each year.

  • We care for the hives so you don't have to worry about losing them!

Image by Heather McKean

How it Works!

We place the number of hive you need for an ag exemption on your property

  • We provide you with a contract that you will submit to the county when you apply or file to renew an ag exemption.

  • We take care of the hives, replace any should they die, and are here to help with any questions regarding the whole process!

  • We charge a yearly per hive fee, the price depends on how many hives you need and the location of your property. 

  • Give us a call to set up a free consultation!!!!

Additional info!

Keeping honey bees on your land can qualify you ( for a 1-d-1 Open Space special land valuation (commonly called "Ag Exemption")  Each local appraisal district can set their own standards and requirements for the beekeeping valuation within the context of the Texas Tax Code. The Texas Constitution permits special agricultural appraisal if the land meets specific requirements defining farm and ranch use.


Some of the qualifying management practices include hosting hives populated with colonies of honey bees. In most counties, the minimum number of hives to qualify is six (6) for the first 5 acres, with additional hives per additional qualifying acre (up to 20). Check with your local tax office to see how many hives are required to qualify for a beekeeping ag exemption. 


If you currently have an "Ag Exemption" on your land using livestock; you can easily switch over to beekeeping! The benefits of this is that you do not have to manage livestock and beekeeping has a very positive impact on your land! 

Facts and Questions!!

Who do the bees belong to?

- We do. Our professional beekeepers will take care of the hives and should any die we replace them!! 


Who keeps the honey?

- Bees often times do not produce enough honey to harvest. We will often leave it to the bees so they will have enough food through the cold months. Any honey that is produced is the beekeepers but we usually provide some as a gift to the landowner!

How much does it cost to maintain the bees on my land?

- This depends on the number of hives you need for a beekeeping Ag Exemption and how far we have to travel to take care of them. Give us a call so we can create you a custom quote!

Who files the Agricultural Valuation forms?

- Tax forms have to be filed by the landowner. However! we are happy to assist you in the processes and help answer questions. 

How do I find out if I qualify?

- Simply call up your local tax office and they will be able to let you know if you can qualify! If you have between 5-20 qualifying acres (excluding your homestead) you should be eligible! The land must be actively used for agricultural purposes – so in this case, you’ll be using bees!!

How much will I save on my taxes?

- This varies drastically by county, but in many counties your acreage is valued at over $10-70k per acre. With ag valuations, you’ll be taxed on a percentage of that. Whatever the county values your parcel with bees on it is what you’d be taxed on. This number ranges from a few hundred dollars per acre up to a couple thousand throughout the state.

Does it affect my other exemptions?

- You can only qualify for one Agricultural Exemption at a time, however your homestead exemptions, over 65 exemptions, veterans, or other special exemptions would be unaffected.

When is the best time to get started?

- As soon as possible is best, that way you can start working towards that Ag Exemption and Tax savings! If you’re looking to switch from an existing ag classification, then today’s a great day to get started!

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