April Beekeeping Tips!!

It's Springtime!!! As we enter full swing into the busy season, your hive should continue to grow rapidly. Feed sugar syrup as needed and work to maintain at least a 10-15lb surplus of stored honey or syrup. There should be no need to feed any form of pollen substitute as there are abundant supplies available out in the fields! April is the start of the nectar flow! Time to make some of that delicious liquid gold! If you have an questions join our Mentor Group! This is a place where you can connect with other beekeepers, and have all your questions answered by a professional! Click Here to join!

1. DO NOT feed hives with honey supers of drawn comb on, as they will produce sugar syrup honey. And you do not want to adulterate your own perfectly organic honey!

2. If you were late on your mite treatment, read the instructions before treating for mites; you do not want to contaminate your honey. Some treatments can be used with honey supers on.