October Beekeeping Tips

There are several very important things you should be doing during this season. Winter preparation should be at the foremost of your mind. For optimal overwintering, bees should be disease free, healthy, and well fed. We will cover all these important topics in this article.

Fall Management!!

Please remember that beekeeping is entirely regional. However, beekeeping management is similar during the different seasons of the year regardless of location. This month's tips are for the beekeepers who are experiencing temperatures up to 90º Fahrenheit during the day and 50º-70º during the night. For Texas this is October, for other states this could be August. An overview of a seasonal beekeeper's year can be found here. https://www.timbercreekapiaries.com/post/grow-your-blog-community

Now For Some Tips!!

1. Remember to remove queen excluders. Bees will begin to cluster as temperatures start to drop. When weather start to drop below 55º and stay there for extended periods of time the bees will cluster. As the bees move upwards eating their stores, the queen will be traped below the excluder and freeze or starve.

2. This is also a great time to put entrance reducers on your hives.  As the chilly weather blows in, mice will begin looking for warm homes. Don't let you hive