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Christy and I are just starting out Bee Keeping and trying to get our Apiaries built up. We have ordered 2 Nucs from Timbercreek and hope to get them in April. We want to have different types of hives so we built a couple Horizontal Langstroth that holds 33 deep frames, a couple of Top Bars that holds 28 bars, a couple of 19 Frame Layens Hives and a Double Deep Langstroth that is 2 hives in one. Were are looking forward to building more. Our main goal is to build and help people get started. We want to have the variety of hive that people can come put there hands on and see what type best fits their needs. Its more about getting people involved then Honey. We have a Ranch North of Alvord, Tx and a place in Midland, Tx.

This picture is of the Horizontal Langstroth Hive.

Jerry Thompson
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