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Transporting your bees

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Transporting bees, if done wrong, can create some unforgettable memories. If you follow the instructions in this blog you can probably save those unforgettable memories for more pleasant occasions. The last thing you want to do is just place a hive of bees in your car open and unsecured. Bees are naturally calm little ladies, however, they do not like being moved that much. To safely move a nuc or hive of bees inside of a car is not at all difficult if you follow the right guidelines!

For Nucs, bring some duct tape and a spare blanket. Armed with these tools you will be invincible!

We use the duct tape to close off any holes, cracks, and close the entrance, and secure the lid. Once you place the secured nuc in your vehicle, tuck the blanket around and over it. This will prevent any masters of escape from coming and harassing you while driving!

Hives are a little more difficult as the woodenware is not tight like a cardboard nuc box is. However the same procedure applies. It would be help full to bring a small strap to wrap around each hive to secure the lid, box, and base.

When transporting nucs or hives on a trailer, or truck bed. Make sure to bring straps to secure them. Note: Hives and nucs do not need to have their entrance closed when transported in the open.

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