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Becoming a Beekeeper! / The Basics

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Are you ready to become a beekeeper? Look no further! Here we will guide you through the process of beekeeping, our suggestions on how to get started, and recommended equipment. Beekeeping is so enjoyable so relax and enjoy the process!

Getting Started!

First you need to decide when you are going to start, where to put your hives, and how many to start with, and so much more. This is an introductory article. Under the Starting Beekeeping Category of our blog, we have a list of short articles that will walk you through each step. Things can get a bit confusing so let's break this down!

When to get your hives?

Hands down, the best time of the year to start is in the spring. Starting in the spring gives you plenty of time to understand beekeeping and get some experience under your belt before the winter. Bees are also generally easy to manage in the Spring, especially if you start out with a Nucleus hives (our recommendation for beginner beekeepers). It is possible to start successfully in the summer and early fall as well, but ideally spring is the best option. You will get a chance to produce some of the best honey ever, they will not need extensive advanced management, and they will have plenty of time to grow before winter. Hives started in the summer and fall will only have enough time to build up for winter.

How many to get?

When starting out I suggest getting at least 2 hives, preferably Nucs. This will help a lot as you will be able to compare them and gauge how well they are doing. In many instances if one hive needs help you can the one to strengthen and even save the other!


  1. Order your bees! We sell out quickly!

  2. Buy the right corresponding equipment

  3. Join our mentor group so we can easily answer your beekeeping questions!

  4. Read the articles in the Starting Beekeeping Category on our blog to prepare for you bees!

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