Queen Cells in your Hive? What to do...

Finding queen cells in your hive can be very confusing. In this article I am going to break down how to identify what caused your ladies to raise a cell and what to do.

Capped Queen Cell

There are four reasons a hive will produce queen cells.

  1. The hive is going to swarm (swarm cell)

  2. The hive is going to replace it queen (supersedure cell).

  3. The hive lost its queen.

  4. the hive just feels like raising queen cells...

The Hive is going to swarm (swarm cell)

Swarming is the bees natural way of reproducing. In the wilde a hive will cast one or two swarms a year. The trigger that start a swarm mainly comes from an overcrowded hive. Splitting is the best solution for taking the swarm out of a hive. Swarm cells are usually near the bottom of the frame. Read our article on preventing swarming here