November Beekeeping Tips

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Cold weather is rolling in! As the nights get progressively colder the bees will begin to cut their brood production down. This is normal. A hive will not be able to maintain a large brood nest during cold weather. Also, because of the warm spells bees will consume greater amounts of honey than if it is consistently cold. Keep an eye on their stores, you don't want your bees to starve!

1. If you haven’t installed entrance reducers yet do so now to keep rodents out of the hives.

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3. Remove any queen excluders and allow the queen free range. You do not want her to get trapped below the excluder during the cold months and freeze.

4. Use two deep boxes or a deep and medium super to overwinter. Don’t give your hive to much room or they will have trouble maintaining their temperature.