March Beekeeping Tips!!!

Updated: Mar 5

Hello my fellow beekeeping friends!!! March is a busy time of the year. Your hives should begin rapidly growing, flowers are blooming and beekeepers should be busy!

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These tips are for those climates that are experiencing fluctuating temperatures from the 20's to 70's.- Leave it to Texas to have a 50 degree difference in weather inside the same week. :)

1. March is a great month to requeen if you can get your hands on one. You don't want those old or failing queens to die on you during the summer. It is also a a great idea to replace queens in hives that are suffering from a disease or varroa. Besides giving your bees a fresh strong queen, it will give them a brood break, which helps slow varroa and combat brood diseases. Don't forget to order your Nucs and Queens early. Make sure your equipment is in good condition and ready for, supering, splits, or new hives.