March Beekeeping Tips!!!

March is a busy time of the year. The bees should begin rapidly growing, flowers are blooming and beekeepers should be busy!

These tips are for those climates that are experiencing fluctuating temperatures from the 30s to high 70s.

1. As the weather warms up, empty frames of comb that were formally full of food can be rotated in between the frames of brood. This forces the queen to lay in the comb, expanding the brood nest. Be careful! Do not rotate too many frames into the brood circle as it could cause the brood to chill. In cold weather bees cannot even move one frame over to retrieve the life saving honey. You don't want your bees to die during a sudden cold snap.

2. Hives may have depleted a large amount of their stores by April, if so, feed sugar syrup and consider feeding pollen substitute if they are not bringing in pollen. Hives will decrease their brood production if they do not have excesses of food.

3. Late March to mid April is a great time to split hives, as they will have enough time to grow to be able produce honey. Splits will need to be heavily fed.

4. Check your Varroa population and treat accordingly. If your hive mite count on a sugar roll is 2-3; I would suggest treating as the mite population will continue to grow and, you do not want to have to treat your hive during the honey flow.

5. March is also a great month to requeen. Don't forget to order your Nucs and Queens early. We are having a special sale to celebrate the leap year. Use Promo leapforsavings! When you buy 3 or more Nucs and you will only spend $165 A Nuc!!! Here is a link to the correct product. Offer is valid for a limited time only. Refunds will not be offered for previous purchases.

Happy Beekeeping!

Hayden Chrisman


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