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July Beekeeping Tips

July can be a difficult month for bees in Texas. The temperature will begin hitting the hundreds every day and the heat really slows the bees down. Most of the nectar and pollen sources will also dry up as well. If you removed your honey make sure they have plenty to eat. It can be very beneficial to feed bees in July. It helps keep their population stable and prevents starvation. Here is a to-do list!

1. Make sure hives have plenty of water and ventilation. Bees use a lot of water in the summer to keep their hive cool. If there is no natural sources nearby provide a source. A bird bath or a slow dripping faucet works well.

2. Check for Mites!! Mites population will begin to double each month in the summer and fall!! Keep an eye on it; mites can take out a hive in the summer in a matter of weeks.

3. In Texas, fall flowers usually do not make very great tasting honey, make sure you have removed your honey by the end of July to avoid contamination.

3. Nucs can be made in July. Use at least 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of honey/pollen. These Nucs will need to be well fed in order to grow in time for winter.

4. If you want to expand, order summer Nucs before they sell out!

5. When removing honey, make sure to extract it within 4 days to prevent moths and beetles from contaminating it.

6. Honey is ready to harvest once it is 80% capped. If you harvest wet (uncapped) honey, it will ferment after several weeks.

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