December Beekeeping Tips

December has started! With the holiday season underway it can be easy to forget your bees. There is not a lot of work for beekeepers during this time of the year. If you treated your hives properly they should be well fed and clustered in their hive with a healthy population. So far, The weather has been rather mild in Texas. This is good for the bees as they are able to forage some. They will consume more of their stores though as they will be more active. Don't let your bees starve!

Please remember that beekeeping is very regional. However, beekeeping management is similar during the different seasons of the year regardless of location. This month's tips are for the beekeepers who are experiencing temperatures up to 70º Fahrenheit during the day and 25º-50º during the night. For Texas this is December, for other states this could be September. An overview of a seasonal beekeeper's year can be found here.

Now For Some Tips!!

1. Try to check your hives at least month for food stores. If they are low on food feed them 2:1 ratio sugar syrup by weight. Feeding pollen will also help them begin to build up for spring.

2. Pre-order your Nucs and queens as they usually sell out early.

3. Plan ahead! Start repairing old woodenware and ordering the correct supplies for the coming year.

4. If your hives brood production is very low (down to 1-2 frames) Now may be a good time to check and take care of varroa.

5. Make sure the lids and boxes are secure against wind. It is also a good idea to install entrance reducers if you have not yet. This helps keep the cold wind from whipping up into the hive.

6. If hives have less than 3 frames of bees combine them as they will most likely freeze with the first few cold snaps.

Bees collecting water

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