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Chalk Brood


  • White, Gray, and Black mummies in brood cells, at the entrances, and on bottom boards

  • Often found after cool, damp weather

How it Spreads

  • Infected equipment

  • Infected pollen

  • Moving infected combs to uninfected hives

  • Drifting/Robbing



  • Feeding Sugar Syrup and Pollen

  • Requeening

  • Increasing ventilation (screened bottom boards)

  • Moving colonies to sunny dry locations

  • Replacing old and diseased comb


To help prevent Chalk brood, always sterilize your equipment after working someone else bees. Requeen every 1-2 years. Maintaining strong colonies and treating for pests, namely Varroa, will greatly reduce the stress on a colony and help it fight off diseases

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