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European Foul brood

European Foul brood is far easier to cure than American foulbrood;

that said EFB is also more prevalent in hives as compared to American foulbrood.

Non-spore forming!!!

Easier to cure

Infests worker, drone, and queen larvae

Prevalent in the spring


Weak colonies

Stressed colonies due to poor foraging

Being trucked for pollination 


Larvae are discolored and die in twisted coiled positions

Dead brood is mostly uncapped

Discolored concave cappings

Sour odor may be present

Dead larvae aren't ropy

Scales are easy to remove

The white trachea is displayed. The trachea is the breathing tubes of the larva. The 2nd picture is a close up of the white trachea.



FEEDING sugar and pollen!!!

Requeening with better stock and breaking the brood cycle 

Strong nectar flow


Send a sample of brood to                                            Bee disease Diagnosis

                                                                                                bee research Laboratory                                                                                          Bldg. 306 Room 316                                                                 Beltsville Agriculture Research Center-East                                                                                             Beltsville, MD 20705

Foulbrood test kit

European Foul Brood will 

occasionally be ropey. This symptom is not always present.

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