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The best place to start is with the federal government's website. All of the information you need to apply can be found in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It's the official method of getting federal financial aid for college. You fill out a paper form or access it online. Note that in many cases, states also have their own way of distributing aid, so it's best to speak with a financial aid professional about the best way to go about getting your financial needs covered. But what if you are not eligible for federal aid? Many other non-profit organizations exist with financial aid programs. These are typically administered through local governments or private charities. Your best bet is to speak with a local financial aid professional about the resources available to you. In this guide, we'll walk you through the basic steps of applying for federal financial aid, but if you have any questions or want to learn more about where you can find help, here are a few resources:A 2,000-year-old brick monument has been unearthed in Shanghai and is now standing on display at the Shanghai Museum. The relic was found inside a 19th century earthenware pot near a city canal in Yangpu, a suburb of the Chinese metropolis. It bears signs of old illustrations on its surface, including a Chinese script that dates back to the Han Dynasty in 206 BCE, according to a report by Xinhua News. It also depicts two people riding on a boat, which can be considered a symbol of harmony between two countries as Shanghai is China's most important trading port and Hong Kong is its biggest offshore trading hub, the report added. The stele is believed to be from the Northern Qi Dynasty, which ruled over China from 550 to 577. The vessel dates back to the late Eastern Han Dynasty, during which the culture of imperial China was flourishing, the report said. The stele will be sent for inscription next week and an exhibition on the discovery will start on Monday, according to the report.Q: Determining the number of objects from a class that conforms to a Protocol Is there a way to determine the number of objects that conform to a Protocol (AKA an enumeration) in Swift? A: You can add observers to a class that conforms to a protocol, and then set up your custom notification names to let you know when the class gets adopted (via its own observers




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