January Beekeeping Tips!!!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

It is the beginning of a new year and while your bees may not have any New Years resolutions, what are your goals for your hives? January this in Texas is often quite mild. Temperatures will reach the mid 60's during the day all the way to the low 20's at night. While the warmer temperatures are good, allowing the bees to forage a little and take cleansing flights, there is a danger. The warm air will cause the bees to be more active, consuming more food. A hive can starve very quickly in this type of weather.

Please remember that beekeeping is entirely regional. However, beekeeping management is similar during the different seasons of the year regardless of location. This month's tips are for the beekeepers who are experiencing temperatures up to 66º Fahrenheit during the day and 22º-45º during the night. For Texas this is January, for other states this could be October. Spring, summer, and winter also vary in lengths depending on the location. An overview of a seasonal beekeeper's year can be found here. https://www.timbercreekapiaries.com/post/grow-your-blog-community

1. Check hives at least least twice a month for food stores. 

2. Feeding pollen will help them begin to build up for spring. Pollen patties can be placed inside the hives and dry pollen can be fed in the apiary.